We grow approximately 250 acres of apples.  Varieties include Ginger Gold, Gala, McIntosh, HoneyCrisp, SweeTango, Cortland, Macoun, Red Delicious, Empire, Jonagold, Crispin, Idared, Cameo, Fuji and Koru.

Harvest begins in the middle to end of August and lasts through October.  Our crews harvest into 11 and 20 bushel bins.  Every bin is inspected by our QC team in the orchard.  We utilize a barcode scanning system to track each bin which can be traced back to the orchard, variety, picker, date and time of harvest.

Nutritional Value:

Apples contain no fat, no sodium, no cholesterol and taste great.  An apple packs more cancer fighting antioxidant capability than a 1,500 milligram megadose of Vitamin C.  Apple consumption during pregnancy reduces the risk for childhood wheezing and asthma.  Apples are loaded with pectin, a soluble fiber that aids in digestion and may help reduce cancer and heart disease.  One apple provides as much dietary fiber as a bowl of bran cereal.  Apples contain boron, an essential trace element that helps harden the bones.  1 medium sized apple is about 85 calories.

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