Orchard Dale Fruit Co., LLC is a family farm operated by Bob, Eric and Bobby Brown.  In 1804, Elijah Brown purchased the land for our farm from the Holland Land Co. and subsequently died while bringing his family and possessions down the Lake Ontario Shoreline to the Oak Orchard River from Sodus, NY.  His wife Bathshua and their 5 sons and 7 daughters were left to clear the forest and start our farm.  Eight generations and many changes later, the farm continues to grow a variety of apples and other small fruits.

Bathshua Brown

Bathshua Brown

Eighty years ago, Brown’s were said to have the world’s largest quince orchard when over 60 acres were grown.  Today we still have approximately 3 acres of quinces left.  In addition to apples, we currently grow strawberries, blueberries and cherries.

In 1948, the farm and family were awarded the New York State Century Farm Citation by then Governor Thomas E. Dewey.  In 1989, a New York State Historical Marker was erected to recognize pioneer woman Bathshua Brown and her part in fighting off the British during the War of 1812.  In 2006 we were awarded the New York Bicentennial Farm Citation.

nysas_awardBrown Family receiving Bicentennial Farm Citation